Intel® Graphics Media Accelerator 500 

Production Version

Release Notes




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Production Version Release (

Maintenance Release Intel® GMA 500 Graphics Driver ( – XP



Production Version Release (

Maintenance Release Intel® GMA 500 Graphics Driver ( – XP



Production Version  Release (

Production Version Release Intel® GMA 500 Graphics Driver ( – XP








New Features

·         None



Resolved Issues

·         Close lid will cause blue screen error with condition CUI be opened and clone mode

·         Screen corruption occur when changing the display mode by ChangeActiveDevice() API

·         Windows XP video driver caused HDD cannot enter standby automatically

·         Hot key features are not disabled even with customized inf.

·         External display shows blank screen under extended mode.

·         Abnormal flash when some game playing

·         Blue screen error with Windows XP

·         Windows Media Player displays error message if switch display

·         Display shaky with certain DVD clip playback

·         High Definition Interlaced Video Tearing on some devices

·         CPU usage is high after resuming S4 on some devices

·         Too many screen resolutions in clone mode

·         A white spot appear with camera image on some devices

·         Power Setting button not available on some devices

·         Blue screen error when running some games

·         Nothing is displayed after resuming S4 sometimes

·         Black screen appears after resuming from S4 if the S4 state is executed with lid during going to S3

·         After S3 waking up and entering S4 mode, garbage lines on display

·         Brightness control does not work properly on some devices



Known Issues

·         Full Screen DOS will only function on the boot display.

·         3Dmark05/06 long run (continuous operation) in loop mode may cause system blue screen error and black screen. Please run 3Dmark05/06 once to obtain accurate benchmark score.



Errata / Workaround:


·         Microsoft Windows Media Player* 9 and Windows Media Player 10 music visualization in full screen can result to blank screen.  This is due to visualization invoking 8bpp color which is not a feature for Intel® GMA 500 GFX driver. To resolve this issue, please upgrade to Windows Media Player 11.

·         Default OS configuration will only use SW decode for WMV Motion Compensation due to known XP SP3 issue – this may slow down video performance.  Windows Media Player 10 with a WMV patch are available from Microsoft Web site. Windows Media Player 11 works without additional patches.






Some 3D screen saver may corrupt in the portrait mode.

Power Management

Progress bar and Windows Logo cannot be seen in case of S4 transition.


 Screen tearing/ garble on external desktop when running 3D screen saver


In Extended mode external display can show blank screen in some scenarios


Some benchmark programs can cause screen corruption during demo or benchmark mode


Windows Media Player displays error message if switching displays


DVD Playback issues with some frame drop


Continuous long hours of loop DVD playback may hang computer system.


YouTube* and Hulu* video full screen playback may show screen frame drop and minor corruption


Playback of some H.264 clip can show significant grey block artifacts


Screen tearing horizontal lines may occur on displays over 720p


3DMark05 shows flicker while loading


VC1VLD clips may cause application to close.


Some possible interlacing problem when video playback in VLD mode


Some interlaced clips shows screen corruption.


Playing MPEG2 clips in multiple players at same instant results in unpredictable behavior


3DMark06 - "Perlin Noise" Feature Test black-screens