Intel® Matrix Storage Manager
Production Version
Release Notes

Feburary 23, 2007

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Supported Operating Systems

    Microsoft Windows Vista*
    Microsoft Windows Vista x64 Edition*
    Microsoft Windows XP Home Edition*
    Microsoft Windows XP Professional*

 Microsoft Windows XP x64 Edition*

    Microsoft Windows 2000 Advanced Server* ++
    Microsoft Windows Server 2003* ++

    Microsoft Windows 2003 x64 Edition*    
Microsoft Windows Media Center Edition*

   ++ Not available on mobile platforms



Revision History

Date Driver Revision Build Number
February 23, 2007 Production Version 1020


New Features

New features in Baseline 7.0
Feature  Description
INew hardware support Support for platforms with the Intel(R) 82801HBM/HEM I/O controller hubs (ICH8M/ICH8M-E).
Intel® Rapid Recover Technology Introducing Intel® Rapid Recover Technology on platforms with Intel(R) 82801HEM SATA RAID controller hub. This feature allows the primary system drive to be cloned either in continuous or manual update mode. The fast sync capability brings about faster synchronization. The ability to boot to the recovery drive facilitates rapid recovery of the system in the event of a primary hard drive failure.
Improved event logging The list of Intel(R) Matrix Storage Manager events reported in the system event log has been improved and enhanced. 


Known Issues

Known Issues in Production Version
Reference No:  Description Affected OS's


Volume Update Progress screen does not come up when process starts All OSs

Recovery Progress screen does not come up when process starts.

All OSs
1946253 The Drive firmware number on the left pane is corrupted in Arabic All OSs
2140100 When rebuilding volume, progress status title and completion message display "Updating Volume" All OSs
1967402 In right-to-left languages, the form caption on the About dialog is not in right-to-left reading order Windows XP
2210902 Error message displayed if error occurs when creating a RAID 1 volume in basic mode is not localized Windows XP
2158365 Intel® Matrix Storage Console crashes when more than 16 localized characters are entered for recovery volume name All OSs
2197531 Intel logo in margin and in about dialog is flipped in Arabic language All OSs
2197551 Intel® Rapid Recover Technology: UI returns non descriptive error when deleting volume with mounted disk All OSs
2294301 Timeouts, degraded RAID volumes when playing/transcoding video files in Apple iTunes* and QuickTime* software Windows Vista
2328095 'TM' replaced by ? in system report on Japanese, Traditional Chinese and Simplified Chinese versions of OS Windows Vista
99748 Drives are labeled Master and Recovery in the wrong order when a Recovery volumes is created through the OROM UI All OSs
2292015 Disk write-buffering checkbox should be disabled Windows Vista
2079363 Resetting any drive of a RAID 1 boot volume makes both drives appear as system drives and may hang the system. This is expected behavior and not a defect. All OSs
2291885 Unable to "Access Recovery Drive Files" from a SATA boot Intel® Rapid Recover Technology volume All OSs
1998924 Balloons are showing up left-to-right and not right-to-left on English OS when regional settings are changed to Arabic or Hebrew All OSs

Resolved Issues

Issues Resolved in Production Version
Reference No:  Description Affected Components Affected OS's
2102039 Matrix RAID option ROM's POST stalls for 1.5 minutes for devices without SMART support. OROM All OS's
1996570 OS install from SATA ODD cannot start on RAID 5 volume with active partitions on drives other than drive 0 in the array Driver All OS's
2257001 Users are not prompted an error message indicating that hard drive is degraded within the RAID 5 setup User Interface All OS's


Missing member of RAID 0 is shown as failed after 'Verify Volume Data' is cancelled

User Interface All OS's


Raid migration procedure not clear in Help file Help All OS's
2292599 Can't burn audio CD/DVD in 64-bit Vista when optical drive controlled by Intel® Matrix Storage Manager Driver Windows Vista 64-bit
1997701 User Interface allows the input of 20 characters for a volume name when it should limit it to 16 User Interface All OS's
2052854 Incorrect dialog box message when disk is failed or unplugged during Verification process User Interface All OS's
2053386 Starting a volume initialization does not invoke the initialization status dialog User Interface All OS's


Value of "Blocks with Media Errors" parameter in the UI parameters list should be changed from "Reassigned" to "ECC Error found" when a RAID 0 volume verification is completed

User Interface All OS's


Option ROM shows drive as "unknown drive" instead of as "offline member" OROM All OS's
2172403 HDD rescan locks up the machine Driver All OS's
2125811 Removedrv.txt file is empty during uninstall after the product is installed to a custom path Installer All OSs
2114658 Tray icon shows an invalid message while initializing (Verify/Fix) the volume User Interface Windows XP
2078414 Verify and Repair progress dialog title is severely truncated in English and multiple other languages User Interface All OS's
2103410 Help file occasionally can't be opened after reinstalling Intel® Matrix Storage Manager User Interface Windows XP